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“A day without playing is a day wasted.”

Those are the words our company’s founder lives by. We publish games for people to have fun, and we have fun doing it!  


Our studio was born from our passion for board games, but more specifically, the love of interacting joyfully around a table. Our journey began with the opening of a board game pub on Saint Denis Street in Montreal; the Randolph Gaming Pub. Inside, we offer a table-side game-teaching service, so there's no need to read rules! We aim to explode the myth that board games are boring, and to show that they’re actually the best way to have fun! 

Drawing from our experience as gaming hosts and the understanding of the needs of casual players, we launched our own studio. From the outset, our creations were Quebec-wide successes (L’osti d’Jeu, Jokes de Papa, Vin Mystère). To build on this, since 2022, we’ve decided to focus on devloping games that can be exported internationally, while retaining our Quebecois flair. In recent years, we have partnered with notable figures such as sommelier Jessica Harnois for Vin Mystère, author Élise Gravel for Une Patate à Vélo, and more recently collaborated with the Miller Zoo in south-eastern Quebec to create a cooperative family game.



We want people to have as much fun playing our games as we have creating them. So don’t expect to sit on your hands when you play a Randolph game, you’ll be standing up, pointing, laughing, and clapping!  


At Randolph, we believe that games are for everyone and we do our best to make sure that our games are easy to grasp and enjoyable for the widest range of players. The goal is to have fun together!  


We pay as much attention to the visual design of our games as the mechanisms inside them. The smiles start from when you take the box off the shelf until you put it back! 

Meet The Team

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Director of Studio

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Project Manager

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Graphic Designer

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Export Manager

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Renaud Leduc


Marketing Manager

Our Offices

Our Studio in Montréal

Montreal, a vibrant and diverse city, is known for its unique and dynamic atmosphere that blends old-world charm with modern innovation. It’s a city known for its international festivals ranging from jazz to comedy; its vigorous food, art, and music scenes; and as a meeting ground between English and French culture, making it a city with a personality unlike any other in the world. We at Randolph aim to bring this unique personality to all our games. 


In addition to the inspiration our city provides us, we share a bright, open-plan office space with critically acclaimed international board game publisher Scorpion Masqué. This creates a fun, creatively-charged work atmosphere, in which we both drive each other toward greater heights! 

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