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  • Rulebook  

  • 161 Cards

  • 32 Target Cards (12 red, 12 blue, 8 both)

  • 128 Player Cards (in 8 coloured decks)

  • 1 Refresh Card









NOW! is a real-time competitive card game where everyone plays at the same time.

Discard your cards as quickly as possible in search of the perfect number! Watch out, your deck is limited and you’ll go through it faster than you’d think! Think you have the best card? Shout «NOW!» Get as close as possible to the target numbers (without going over!) to win them. 
Get the most points, leaving your opponents with none. And, most importantly, try to keep your cool, while everyone else loses theirs!

How do you play?

1. Reveal 3 Target cards. You’re aiming for them this round. 
2. All players jump into action at once: Discard your cards one by one to find the one that’s closest to one of the Targets... And the quicker you do it, the more pressure you put on your opponents! When you’ve found it, say NOW!  
3. Reveal your cards and compare them to the Targets. The players whose cards are closest to the Targets without going over win those Target cards and the points on them! 

Start another round, and play until you’ve finished the deck of Target cards. Count the points on the Target cards you’ve collected, and score either your red or blue points... then subtract the other colour’s points from that number. The player with the most points wins! 


  • ENGAGING AND FAST-PACED GAMEPLAY: NOW! offers an exhilarating gaming experience with its simultaneous gameplay, ensuring non-stop excitement for players of all ages. Say goodbye to waiting for your turn - it's all about quick decision-making and fast fun! 

  • TACTICAL DECISION-MAKING: How fast will you go through your deck? Do you hang on to your current card, or push your luck, hoping to get a better one further down?  Every move counts! 

  • GUARANTEED REPLAYABILITY: With a unique combination of Target cards in each round and the element of surprise, NOW! is a new game every time you play! 

  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY FUN: Perfect for family game nights, NOW! is easy to learn but has enough depth so that players of all skill levels - and ages - can enjoy it.  

  • STRATEGIC SCORING: The game's scoring system adds a layer of strategy to the fun. Careful consideration of which colour to collect and which to avoid can mean the difference between victory and defeat. 


"What a fun little card game!"

Steph Hodge

“The best party game!”

Gaming Family

“A refreshing party game that will make you go from tears to joy in 2 seconds! A must-buy for a week-end with friends!”


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