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SEASIDE: Go out and play!

Randolph (CDSK, Romi Rami, Miller Zoo...) presents Seaside, the first beach-themed game that can actually be played at the beach! 

The aim of the game? One piece at a time, create your coastline with the elements the sea sends your way. Pick a token from the bag and choose a side, apply its effect and try to collect as many tokens as possible. The highest stack of tokens wins

Seaside is a game designed by Quebec designer Bryan Burgoyne, and it has some qualities that are not generally associated with board games: It's waterproof, windproof, and all-terrain! Transportable in a handy and practical bag, it will become an essential part of all your outdoor adventures; perfect for a picnic, a patio, or on an expedition! 

Seaside was previously presented at the FIJ in Cannes last February and received lots of love. The game was available for the first time and we had limited copies for sale, which we sold out!

We are really looking forward to playing Seaside on the beach this summer!

Seaside will be out in June 2024.

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